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When you need a scratch, dent, or collision repaired, we love to help. You can be sure our team and tools are ready for you.

Take a second and imagine your vehicle smiling. A big grin, from bumper to brake light. That’s how we want your car, truck, van, trailer, motorbike, motor home, or camper van to feel when it rolls out of our workshop, ready to be driven home. It might roll in feeling sad and sore, but we have the skills and experience to nurse it back to health.

Your vehicle deserves the best of care. And so do you.

You want your vehicle fixed. Harewood Panel and Paint can do that.

Vehicle Insurance Repair


Thank goodness for vehicle insurance – it helps get your damaged vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

Harewood Panel and Paint has always worked closely with all the major insurance companies, helping them look after you at claim time. In particular, insurance companies turn to us if your vehicle has aftermarket accessories (such as a ute canopy) or has suffered structural damage in a crash. But big or small, we repair insurance claims.

It’s a rigorous process to get the thumbs-up from a vehicle insurance company – they need to be confident that the automotive repairer they partner with has the skills, experience, and equipment to look after their valued policy holder.

We work hard with our insurance company partners to make sure that processing time is kept to a minimum. We operate a fully-transparent repair process – a detailed paper trail and photographic record tells the insurance company the story of what work your vehicle needs and what parts and processes are required. Then, when the panel and paint work is completed, the paperwork is tidied up and you’re back on the road.

Need a swift damage assessment? Bring your vehicle in to 8a Sheffield Crescent, Russley.

Need to know you won’t be inconvenienced? We have a fleet of loan cars ready to keep you moving.

No matter whether you have a small scrape on your motorbike’s paintwork, a dent in the back of your truck, or your car has suffered major accident damage, you can trust us with your auto body repairs – just like your insurance company does.

Make sure you tell your insurer that Harewood Panel and Paint is your repairer of choice. Leave the rest to us.

vehicle collision repairs


That moment when your vehicle goes CRUNCH is never pleasant.

But accidents do happen: small scrapes on your paintwork, dents from shopping trolleys, smashes from distracted tailgaters. We see it all. And we fix it all. In fact, we strive to make sure you’re back on the road quickly with your vehicle looking shiny and feeling great. Perhaps that’s why happy customers bring us cake to say Thanks?

If you’re looking for a full-service auto body panel and paint repairer, you’ve found it.

If you’re wanting a quote on a vehicle repair project, we can help you out.

If you need to stay mobile while your damage is getting fixed, we have a loan car (or van) for you.

If you want the peace-of-mind that comes from state-of-the-art paint and panel equipment, and professional tradespeople using it, then rest easy – Harewood Panel and Paint will help you sleep at night. In our clean and tidy workshop you will find:

  • Two hoists
  • Four chassis plants
  • Tinting room (purpose-built)
  • Salma spray booth (purpose-built, big enough for motorhomes)
  • Inverter spot welder
  • Heat lamp (Spectratherm 8000s)
  • Spectro camera (Rapidmatch X5)
  • Dustless sanding stations (one for each employee)

When you’ve had a vehicle collision of any kind, you’re in good hands with Harewood Panel and Paint.

classic car restorations


Classic cars is where it all started for Harewood Panel and Paint.

Restoring E-Type Jaguars in a farmer’s shed is what kicked off the company over 20 years ago. So that thrill you get – the feeling when you see a shiny classic car cruising down the open road, maybe with the top down – we know the feeling very well. When your prized classic needs bodywork or paintwork love, let us take care of her.

From pushing and smoothing out decades of deterioration, to spraying a new coat of paint to get it show-ready, Harewood Panel and Paint treats motoring heritage with respect. The lines… the contours… the shine… we fully appreciate why you want your beauty to look her best.

No matter what kind of paint or panel work your classic vehicle needs, we have the experience and equipment to give it a new lease on life.

vehicle accident advice


In the case of a vehicle accident: Stop – Check – Help

1. Check that everyone involved in the accident is okay, and help anyone who needs assistance. If someone is seriously injured, contact emergency services (dial 111) and report the accident to Police within 24 hours. Write down the registration number of the vehicles involved and, where possible, the contact details of the drivers.

2. Contact your insurance company. They will give you a claim number to be submitted to your preferred repairer: Harewood Panel and Paint.

3. Deliver your vehicle to our workshop at 8a Sheffield Crescent, Russley. If you can’t drive it, we can arrange towing – phone us on 03 358 8154.

4. Insurance assessment. We will photograph the damage and liaise with your insurance company to determine the best repair solution. They will contact you once your claim is approved.

5. Vehicle repairs. We schedule a time convenient to you to complete your repairs, and we have loan cars for you to use. The work done on your vehicle goes through a series of quality checks during the repair process and, once completed, your vehicle is groomed.

6. Vehicle collection. When your vehicle is ready for the road again, we’ll phone or message you. Remember, any insurance excess is payable at the time of collection.

Accidents can happen. Please drive safely.

Motorhome and caravan panel and paint


Freedom – no doubt that’s why you enjoy ‘movanning’.

Motorhome, caravan, camper van, fifth-wheeler… each one gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore the real New Zealand. A week at the beach over Christmas? A retirement road-trip adventure? However you roll, Harewood Panel and Paint can make sure your mobile accommodation is ready for the trip.

Did you know some ‘professional’ panel and paint shops spray-paint their motor home repairs in an open workshop? Maybe it’s because they don’t have a spray booth big enough for oversized vehicles. Perhaps they’re trying to be faster or cheaper. Either way, not only does it produce an inferior finish to the paintwork, but it presents a health and safety hazard to all their staff and customers.

That’s not the case at Harewood Panel and Paint. We care about our customers and our team too much to do something so irresponsible. Instead, your motorhome or caravan fits into our purpose-built Saima spray booth. It has a dedicated prep-station, which ensures a better result from the painting, along with offering a faster completion.

Not every paint and panel shop enjoys working with such large vehicles – they don’t have the room, or they don’t have a team experienced in the unique elements of motorhomes and caravans. We can fit 40 cars into our workshop, so there’s plenty of room for your accommodation-on-wheels.

When you want to get back on the road (or back to your favourite holiday spot) you don’t want to be waiting around for paint to dry.

We know motorhomes. Let us look after yours.

Panel Beater


Rental car and camper van fleets. Courier vans and tradie trucks. Company work vehicles.

When you have more than one vehicle to take care of, you can’t afford to waste time. You need to deal with automotive professionals who understand the challenge of keeping a fleet of vehicles on the road. We can fit 40 vehicles into our workshop. We’re big enough to help keep your wheels rolling.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it that your cars, trucks, and motor homes are road-worthy? Because when your business or livelihood is dependent on keeping your fleet moving, you need to turn to an auto body repairer that you can trust.

Accepting the lowest price for repairs may seem like a sound business decision, but price-cutting only leads to shoddy workmanship and delayed turnaround, which in turn impacts your fleet’s ability to do its job, and hurts your bottom line.

At Harewood Panel and Paint we know we aren’t the cheapest panel beater in town, and for that we make no apology. Instead, we do quality work at a fair price. We’re proud of the rock-solid relationships we have formed with international rental companies, well-known local businesses, and industry professionals.

You don’t want to take short-cuts when your fleet investment is at stake. For auto body repair peace-of-mind, talk to the expert team at Harewood Panel and Paint today.

Oh, yes! Have you got oversized vehicles like trucks and motorhomes in your fleet? Our purpose-built Saima spray booth can fit them. With its dedicated prep-station, this booth not only gives you better paint results, but provides a faster turnaround which means less time off the road. (You won’t believe what some paint shops do with your oversized vehicle – read about it here)

You want the repair of your vehicle to be a painless experience.

That’s why when you first bring us your injured vehicle we strive to have you in-and-out within five minutes. How? We take photos of the damage and record the details we need to prepare the quote. After 20+ years, we’re pretty good at keeping your day moving. And, if it’s a small repair, there’s a good chance we can take your vehicle in right then, with no need to reschedule a return visit.

That’s why – when it’s time to leave your vehicle with us – we have a fleet of loan cars (including vans) waiting for you to jump in and not miss an appointment or school pickup.

That’s why we keep you in the loop. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s happening, so our team makes sure you stay informed. Repair times can vary, depending on how sore your vehicle is, but you’ll know what to expect throughout the repair process.

That’s why we deal with all the insurance paperwork. Tell your insurer that Harewood Panel and Paint is your repairer of choice, and we’ll do the rest. Easy.

You want your vehicle to receive state-of-the-art treatment.

That’s why we made the move to the most environmentally-friendly paint system we could – the PPG Envirobase(R) waterborne range.

That’s why we’ve invested in high quality panel and paint equipment. Unlike panel-beating cowboys who attack your vehicle with shoddy tools, our team enjoys working on your vehicle with equipment that produces first-rate results, every time. Curious about what machinery we have? Check out the list here.

And that’s why we groom your vehicle once the repair work is complete. Because every vehicle deserves to be shiny.


We are approved repairers for AA insurance, AMI insurance, NZI insurance, STATE insurance, LUMLEY insurance, IAG insurance, FMG insurance and COVI Insurance.

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